About us

A team of specialists guarantees success….

…this is precisely the main idea of Altertechnika company. Our business is definitely more than team management – it is also a kind of mission to bring the implementation of various types of construction or industrial projects to a new, higher level. Surely you will agree with us that the basis for success in this field is precisely a team composed of outstanding specialists in particular fields.

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For this reason, when looking for a partner for the implementation of an important project, it is worth trusting us and betting on our teams of professionals who have perfected their craft over the years, so that they now achieve perfection in it. Our offer includes services in all kinds of installation, welding, repair and construction, as well as finishing works.

Saving time

I guess we all know how time-consuming and expensive the process of looking for employees or a proven team is. Establishing cooperation with our company will save you valuable time and money.


We always put our principal’s requirements first. This type of approach pays off through a better relationship between us and our partner.


We provide each of our clients with a guarantee, which consists of unconditional assurance of timely performance of services. This will help you avoid costly delays in the completion of your project.

Your benefits

  • quick access to specialists in many fields
  • work with the experienced team of specialists
  • maximising the shortening of the completion time of any order
  • no duty of running the staff and the finacial documentation
  • access to rare (fields) specialists

What distinguishes our specialists is the fact that they have vast horizons and huge experience in the following fields: industrial, energetical, environment protection and also they could develop their competences related to constructing and renovating bridges and other public buildings. The specialists from Altertechnika are in possession of the necessary permissions to run the construction works, the construction assembly or pipelines.