About us

So that you can create your Dream Team…

…it is the very basic idea of the Company Altertechnika. Our activities outgrow the outsourcing of the staff, it is definitely more – it is a sort of a mission so that you can upgrade or improve the realisation of your construction or industrial projects. You must be aware that the foundation of a success in this field is the very team consisting of some outstanding specialists in this area.

Due to this reason, while completing an ideal pack to run an important project, you can trust in us and employ aout specialists who have been mastering thier skills to achieve the now-present perfection. We offer hiring the qualified specialists, which presently is called the staff outsourcing. Our database consists of employees possessing the valuable experience in every installation, welding, renovation-costruction and also interior finishing works.

Saving time

Employees recruitment is known as time-consuming and expensive process. Cooperating with our Company, you take advantage of the possibility of leaving to us the responsibility of top-class specialists selection, which will let you save both time and money.


What is always our priority is the man. When selecting our employees, who at the same time are the outstanding specialists in their fields, we approach them with empathy and complete understanding for each of them. Such an approach generates better relations inside the team, which will later bring the effective benefits to your project.


Each of our Client is provided with the guarantee which is unconditional assurance of the replacement of a person who due to various reasons has decided to terminate their work at the project. This will result in your Company's avoidance of any delays related to completion of your project.

Your benefits

What distinguishes our specialists is the fact that they have vast horizons and huge experience in the following fields: industrial, energetical, environment protection and also they could develop their competences related to constructing and renovating bridges and other public buildings. The specialists from Altertechnika are in possession of the necessary permissions to run the construction works, the construction assembly or pipelines.