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We specialize in comprehensive construction and industrial services. Altertechnika offers implementation of new investments and renovations. Our staff has all the necessary licenses to carry out a variety of construction projects and industrial investments. Whether you are operating in Poland or in another country of the European Union, you can rely on the professional services of our teams.

You can trust our many years of experience, which enables us to provide the best teams in their field. What distinguishes us is, first of all, the high quality of our services and an extraordinary level of reliability in carrying out the work entrusted to us. Our database of professionals is where you will find only proven and verified people with proven experience in the industry.

Why should you cooperate with us?

Employees in our teams are people with the qualifications and authorizations required in the industry, who know their trade very well. Most of them have had the opportunity to work on large investments and projects, including outside Poland. They are characterized by reliability and conscientiousness in carrying out the commissioned tasks, which gives you a guarantee of well-executed work. We offer the services of entire groups, including the manager – foreman at the head.


A quick access to the qualified and experienced employees. We complete contracts in the shortest possible time!

Cost and labour saving

The whole procedure takes place without the necessity of running the finances and keeping the staff data – it is our duty. We offer you saving time and money!


We guarantee to select the team according to the expectations and requirements presented!


Possibility to select a particular employee or replace them for another during the contract. No risk nor additional cost!

Each of our employees has high qualifications in their field and also all the necessary permissions. This will result in your certainty that the staff with which you are cooperating knows their trade perfectly. Majority of our specialists has huge experience of working at important projects not only in Poland but also abroad.

If you need a reliable but also verified business partner, do not hesitate to cooperate with Altertechnika. Your project along with our assistance means success!

Use the following contact formula or call our Company directly at +48 24 366 66 26 or feel invited to visit our Company’s headquarters.

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